Part 5: Fermont to Churchill Falls

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A friendly welcome?

Fermont is minutes from the Labrador border, and the road is surfaced and in good shape. You'll now leave Quebec and won't be back until Blanc Sablon, over 1000km away! Have a quick look at the graffiti on the sign. I'm not sure how relations are between Fermont and Wabush/Labrador City, but perhaps they're not pristine? Despite the relative proximity of these cities, there is a noticeable linguistic and cultural divide.

Halfway to Goose Bay

Remember how the sign outside of Baie Comeau indicated 1100km to Happy Valley-Goose Bay? Well, with only 555km left, you're pretty much halfway there when you arrive at the Quebec-Labrador border.

Two more desolate 250km drives

The road between Labrador City and Happy Valley-Goose Bay will only be broken up by Churchill Falls. You're best to fill up in all three of these places, just in case. And if you're craving fast food, and chain stores, Labrador City is your best bet. There you can eat a Big Mac and buy cheap crap at Wal-Mart.

Gravel road, Labrador-style

Just outside of Labrador City, the road switches back to gravel. You'll notice that the style of road is quite different from that in Quebec. Here they're really striving for a good road link that's easy to drive and to maintain. In other words, it's often straight and flat and, well, boring.

70km/h eh?

The posted limit here is 70km/h. Most locals drove faster and again, you're more likely to hit something than to get a speeding ticket. A few sections that were under construction were rough, but otherwise the road is very smooth and suspension-friendly.

Churchill River

Before entering the town of Churchill Falls, you'll cross the Churchill River at the waterfall. If no cars are coming, it's fun to have a look down through the bridge grating!

Where'd the water go?

If you've seen photos of Churchill Falls before, you'll wonder what happened to all the water. You'll see later that it all goes to the hydroelectric plant and just a trickle goes over the falls. It's amazing and somewhat disturbing to see just how much humans can alter nature.

Worth the walk

Before you cross the bridge, it's worth parking and walking down the well-maintained path to have a glimpse at what's left of the falls. If you go all the way to the plaque, you'll be rewarded with this view.

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