Part 2: Manic-5 to Gagnon

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Manic- 5
Gagnon Gagnon
Churchill Falls
Churchill Falls
Goose Bay
Goose Bay
Red Bay
Red Bay

There's only one road out of here!

From the Manic-5 tourist office, the road will turn right in front of the dam, and then it's a twisty climb up to the top. This is the last time that the car will look clean...

Got fuel?

After the gates to the top of the dam, a sign reminds you that you're now on a purely practical road, and you'd better have enough gas to make it to the next service centre. 95km down the road is Relais Gabriel where you can expect to pay a 25c/litre premium. 345km down the road is the gas station at Fermont.

C'est vraiment sinueux

When Transports Québec takes the time to put up warnings like this, you know that they mean it. If you enjoy driving on slippy (mostly) smooth gravel, then relish the drive up to the border. You won't see warnings like this in Labrador...

It's not all gravel yet

You might be surprised to see the road turn to asphalt for a while. No idea why it's this way, but enjoy the fact that it's in good shape by Québec standards.

You can see the reservoir

If you see a giant "lake" on the left, it's actually the enormous reservoir for the Manic-5 dam. You rarely see the reservoir from the road, so take the opportunity to stop and have a look when you actually see it. The road in the photo is quite representative of what to expect on this part of the trip. Wide and smooth, but keep well to your side over blind crests!

Relais Gabriel

Welcome to Relais Gabriel, the only inhabited place between Manic-5 and Fermont. You'll pay a premium for gas, but make sure you have enough to make the remaining 250km to Fermont. There's a restaurant with daily specials too.

A little bit of scenery

After Relais Gabriel, the road will provide some interesting scenery. Enjoy it while it lasts. The Canadian Shield gets pretty monotonous after a while...

Wooden single-lane bridges

Signs will warn you when you're coming up to single-lane bridges. Although you won't meet much traffic here, it's worth taking the time to fully ensure there's nothing coming the other way.

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