Part 3: Gagnon (Ghost Town)

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What is this place?

Welcome to Gagnon. This used to be a mining town, but now it's gone. Really gone. When the mining company left, it removed all the buildings. The asphalt road is still there though, and it has sidewalks and a median!

A divided road!

Yes that's right, a divided road. You'll have to keep to your side! If you look at the median, you can see where cables used to run for electric lighting.

Working sewers!

Listen close and you might hear water still running through the sewers. Apparently there's also an intact airport runway, although we were unable to find the site.

There was once a driveway here

Imagine a house here, and another next to it. If you search around the Internet for Gagnon, you can find some photos of what the town used to look like. If you know your flora well, you should be able to pick out all of the species introduced by residents and still surviving to this day.

Anyone live here?

This is the only permanent-looking shelter we found. Not sure of its purpose.

Port Gagnon

From the divided road, you can turn off toward the waterfront just a short distance away. This seems to be the place where most people camp. There were several camper/trailers parked during our stay.

The mine

Just before entering the town from the South, there's a turnoff onto another reasonably maintained gravel road. Following this road will take you to a mine site, featured here and in the photos below.

Concrete and rebar

There are still some obvious vestiges of the mine remaining, such as this structure. There are plenty of large rusting shovels in the mine tailings as well.

Giant dunes of mine tailings

Even in a normal car, most of the roads are passable enough to explore the mine site. It's not hard to find these giant dunes. This is where we camped because the blackflies were less vicious out here in the open.


You may think that you're the only people crazy enough to drive a thousand kilometers from home to see a ghost town in the middle of nowhere, and then you meet a family out for some offroading on dunes of mine tailings. Apparently workers from Fermont and Central Labrador regularly use Gagnon as a campsite/playground.

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