Celebrating 10 years of Levin in Québec

The Lap was devised to celebrate ten years of ownership of a 1992 Toyota Levin GT-Apex, imported from Japan to Canada in 2008. The 26-year old sport compact completed the Lap in 36 hours including an overnight camp in Chibougamau.

1992 Toyota Levin GT-Apex

The Lap Route

The Lap encompasses the broadest circular route on 100-series highways within the Province of Québec (without ferry crossings), passing through Montréal, Sherbrooke, Québec, Lac St-Jean, Chibougamau and Gatineau.

Lap of Quebec Route

On the Route

The route crosses two world-record-holding bridges, skirts the battleground where French North America was lost, and traverses national parks and wildlife reserves with plenty of remote boreal forest in between.

Highlights Gallery

Photos and videos captured during the Lap.

1992 Toyota Levin GT-Apex

The Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) car that inspired the Lap


Until 2009, it was possible to import 15+ year old right-hand drive cars into Québec. The Levin arrived in 2008, likely as a crate-filler among more desirable early-90s Skylines and Imprezas.


August 2018 marks a decade of ownership of a car that was never expected to survive so long, and for which sourcing parts is often all but impossible. The Lap was a celebration and testament to the reliability of the Toyota, which still provided a highly enjoyable and comfortable drive!


Platform: AE101 (Corolla), front-wheel drive
Engine: 4A-GE "Silvertop", 1.6L twin cam 20 valve with VVT and 7,800rpm redline
Output (nominal): 158hp at 7,400rpm | 119ft-lb torque at 5,200rpm

Route Details

There's much to see along the route if one takes the time!

Route 112

Montréal to Beauce

  Begin at the intersection of Peel and Sherbrooke Streets in Montréal.
  Leave Route 112 for Route 173 North at Vallée-Jonction.
Victoria Bridge

The Victoria Bridge was erected between 1854 and 1859. When completed, it was the longest bridge in the world. The stone piers from 1860, slightly altered in 1897, still testify to the excellent original engineering.  —  Wikipedia


Sherbrooke is the sixth largest city in the province of Quebec, and, in proportion to its population, has the largest concentration of students in Quebec.  —  Wikipedia

Route 175

Beauce to Lac Talbot

  Begin following Route 173 North out of Vallée-Jonction until the original Route 175 can be followed as Route Carrier in Scott.
  Route 175 will become Autoroute 73 leaving Québec, and can be rejoined as Boulevard Talbot near Charlesbourg.
  Leave Route 175 for Route 169 North before Lac Talbot.
Québec Bridge

The Québec Bridge remains the longest cantilever bridge span in the world since its completion in 1919. The project took over 30 years to complete, including two failures, at the cost of 88 lives.  —  Wikipedia

Plains of Abraham

The scene of the pivotal 1759 battle between the French and British which subsequently resulted in the conquest of New France by Britain.  —  Wikipedia


The second largest city in the province as well as its capital. Founded in 1608, it is one of the oldest cities in North America. The ramparts surrounding Old Québec are the only fortified city walls remaining in the Americas north of Mexico.  —  Wikipedia

Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier

Host to one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Québec where the Jacques Cartier River has sliced a 550-metre-deep channel into the plateau.  —  Sépaq

Route 169

Lac St-Jean Region

  Begin following Route 169 North at its southern terminus.
  Follow the left branch of Route 169 North just outside Hébertville!
  Leave Route 169 for Route 167 North in St-Félicien.
Lac St-Jean

Relatively large lake with surrounding region known for blueberries and offering a variety of tourist activities.  —  Destination Lac St-Jean

Val-Jalbert Historic Village

Authentic company town of the 1920s, originally powered by the Ouiatchouan Falls, higher than Niagara Falls. The village is maintained as a full-featured tourist destination.  —  Val-Jalbert

Route 167

St-Félicien to Chibougamau

  Begin following Route 167 North at its southern terminus.
  Leave Route 167 for Route 113 South shortly before Chibougamau.
Réserve faunique Ashuapmushuan

The majority of the route is within the Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve which offers a variety of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing and canoe-camping.  —  Sépaq


A few kilometers north of the junction of Routes 113 and 167 lies the town of Chibougamau at the northernmost point on the Lap which is also the approximate halfway point from Montréal. There are a variety of restaurants, grocery stores, hotels and campsites.

Route 113

Chibougamau to Val d'Or

  Begin following Route 113 South at its northern terminus.
  Leave Route 113 at its southern terminus for Route 117 South.

Encompassing nearly 15,000km2, Senneterre has the distinction of being the largest town by land area in Québec. Despite a population of only 3,000, it has thrice-weekly train service to Montréal.  —  Via Rail

Route 117

Val d'Or to Grand Remous

  Begin following Route 117 South at the junction with Route 113.
  Leave Route 117 for Route 105 South in Grand Remous.
Réserve faunique la Vérendrye

The majority of the route is within the Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve which includes countless lakes and reservoirs and offers a variety of outdoors activities.  —  Sépaq

Route 105

Grand Remous to Gatineau

  Begin following Route 105 South at its northern terminus.
  Leave Route 105 at its southern terminus on Route 148 East.

The picturesque village of Wakefield features a covered bridge over the Gatineau River as well as the highest bungee jump in Canada in neighbouring Chelsea.  —  Destination Wakefield

Ville de Gatineau

Gatineau is the fourth largest city in Québec and located across the river from Ottawa, the capital of Canada. The government-run Casino du Lac-Leamy is located just off Route 105.  —  Casino Lac-Leamy

Route 148

Gatineau to Laval

  Begin following Route 148 East at the junction with Route 105.
  Route 148 will immediately twin with Autoroute 5. To see the Gatineau sights, continue on its historic route of Boulevard des Allumettes, Boulevard Fournier and Rue Saint-Louis.
  Leave Route 148, which will have briefly become Autoroute 440, for Route 117 South in Laval.
Canadian Museum of History

The Canadian Museum of History explores Canada's 20,000 years of human history and, with roots stretching back to 1856, is one of North America's oldest cultural institution. Moreover it offers beautiful views of Parliament Hill across the Ottawa River.  —  Canadian Museum of History


Home to the largest log structure ever built, the world-famous Château Montebello resort, the village is a picturesque stop to stretch one's legs.  —  Fairmont Château Montebello

Route 117 Route 138

Laval to Montreal

  Begin following Route 117 South from Autoroute 440 exit.
  Route 117 will become Autoroute 15 which should be followed until the Rue Sherbrooke (Route 138) exit and taken in the eastbound direction.
  At the intersection of Sherbrooke Street with Peel Street, the Lap is complete!

Route 117 traverses Laval, the third largest municipality in Québec, crossing the Lachapelle Bridge to Montréal of which it is a suburb.

Montréal's Golden Square Mile

The Lap completes along Le Mille Carré where, at its peak (1850-1930), the residents included the owners and operators of the majority of Canadian rail, shipping, timber, mining, fur and banking industries. From about 1870 to 1900, 70% of all wealth in Canada was held by this small group of approximately fifty men.  —  Wikipedia

Note that Route 138, which traverses 1420kms, has its western terminus featured in New Orleans, No Interstates and its eastern terminus featured in the Trans-Labrador road trip, both of which are linked below.

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