What do you think about the lifestyle centre aspect of Projet Griffintown?

I'm really excited about the free guest parking for residents. Well, I mean of course they'll have to buy a minimum amount of stuff at one of the stores, but hey, who doesn't like shopping? - Aline Goudreault, Prospective Resident I can't wait to go shopping at this new lifestyle centre on Boxing Day. You park underground away from the snow, and its a quick elevator ride up to the stores. You don't have to preheat and scrape off your car before you leave and, waaaaaaaaait. Will it be just, um, one street exit per multi-level garage? - Marc Despommes, Deal Hunter
Well I for one am opposed to this new lifestyle centre. I love Dix-30, and I'm afraid that their clientele will migrate to Griffintown. I mean Dix-30 is about the only time I see my neighbours. The ones I know anyway. If they're driving their SUVs up a different Avenue de la Lumière, we will no longer have that sense of intimate contact that a healthy community requires. - Brandi Racine, Brossard Soccer Mom The shopping experience will be great. I'm sure it won't be long before we're talking about how awkward it was shopping on Ste-Catherine Street and how ugly and non-uniform the buildings there were. I mean here you'll know what you're getting: big name flagship stores. When you go into those mom and pop places on Ste-Catherine Street, they carry all these brands that I've never seen advertised before, and, and, yeah. When I want Nike, I want to buy it from Nike. Cut out the middleman, right? - Kris, Sideways Cap-Wearing Youth
So let me get this straight. On weekends I can drive from my suburban home to downtown Montréal, just like my weekday commute, in order to shop at stores that exist much closer to my house? Well I think that's a fantastic way to show the family what I go through every day! I bet the traffic will be in keeping too. We're still talking about the same old Wellington and Peel here, right? - Jean-Yves Dollard, Businessman My husband doesn't really like shopping, unlike me. Are they still planning to build a casino in that area? Because he loves gambling. And maybe then we could kill two birds with one stone, if ya know what I mean... - Candace McFadden, Homemaker
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